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    Lord we pray you
 let our doings be prompted 
by your Holy inspiration 
and furthered by your help 
so that every prayer
and work of ours 
may begin always from you
 and be through you
happily ended
 through our Lord. Amen





1. High in the Hills Where the cool mist Spreads,
Rex school proudly stands.
Prouder her children without fear or dread,
do good with willing hands.
Forward with courage and heads held high,
in truth our days we'll spend.
Live for Rex! for Rex to die her Honour to defend.
Cho: Rex!Rex!Rex! Our school, glory to your name.
Striving to keep to every rule, learning to play the game.
Fight for the right with all our might, holding our
banner high.
Citius!Fortius!Audacius! This be our battle cry!


2. Under the banner of Christ our king,
forward we will go
seeking His guidance in everything , we do here below.
Guide us in all that we do and say,
Christ the king to the we pray
Keep us and Rex school Everyday,
Thy word to hear and obey,