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Student Council


  1. Co-operate with the functioning of the school activities regarding regularity, punctuality and discipline of your wards-School Time 9.10am to 4.00pm

  2. To intimate, Change of address and change in mobile number, if any, to the School office without delay to enable us to maintain an updated record of the children for communication.

  3. To co-operate, while corrective measures are taken for minor breaches or grave acts of indiscipline. The Student may be liable for expulsion for grave acts of indiscipline and the management’s decision will be final.

  4. To demand achievement record from the Student after each examination and return it to the class teacher duly signed within three working days after the issue of the performance profile.

  5. In case of emergency kindly contact the school office 0423-2442064. The Parent to avoid calling the wards during class and study hours.

  6. If the Student is absent for one or more days they should submit the leave letter signed by the parents on the day he/she report to the class teacher.

  7. To obtain prior permission from the Principal to meet or to take children out during the class hours.You may meet the principal between 10.00am and 10.30am and from 3.30pm to 4.00pm and Teacher from 4.00 pm to 5.00pm.

  8. To obtain prior permission from the Principal to meet the Correspondent.

  9. Parents can meet the Correspondent only after fixing an appointment.

  10.  Not to allow students to p0ssess any valuables like gold ornaments, electronics items, etc., while they are in school.

  11. To give THREE months notice in writing, when withdrawing the pupils, or one term fee in lieu of the notice.

  12. To make payment for any breakage or damage done to school or School property.

  13. To make fee payments regularly


  1. 1st Installment-on or before the day specified for issue of books (along with Stationery, Uniform & Special fee).

  2. 2nd Installment-On or before the 5th of September.

  3. 3rd Installment- on or before the 5th of January.


To remember that repeated defaulters will be dismissed from school.

To abide by the decisions taken by the school management, regarding the result of your wards.